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The Best of Johnny Madara


This rare, historical CD is a retrospective of Johnny Madara's career as a performer, including 30 songs, 4 of which have never been released, with over 40 historical photos of his years in the music business. See Fan Reviews


Len Barry the Lost LP


This rare, historical CD features 25 songs by the great, soulful artist, Len Barry. There were singles released from the LP, but the LP featured on the cover was never released in its entirety. See Fan Reviews


The Dawn of Correction - The Spokesmen


This LP was recorded in October of 1965.  It includes the controversial hit "The Dawn of Correction," an answer song to the enormous hit "Eve of Destruction" by Barry McGuire.  The song reached #21 on the charts.  This is the first time the LP has been released on CD. See Fan Reviews

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The Best of Philly Soul - Volume 1

Len Barry


The fabulous Len Barry

See Fan Reviews


The Best of Philly Soul- Volume 2

Bunny Sigler


This rare, historical CD features 25 songs by the great, soulful artist, Len Barry. There were singles released from the LP, but the LP featured on the cover was never released in its entirety. See Fan Reviews


The Best of Philly Soul- Volume 3

Maureen Gray


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See Fan Reviews


Len Barry's Greatest Hits

The Original Masters


Featuring smash hits 1-2-3, Like A Baby and Somewhere.

See Fan Reviews

The Best of Northern Soul - Vol 1

Compliation CD


Featuring Len Barry, Bunny Sigler, Cindy Scott, Johnny Caswell, Joey Heatherton, The Sweet Three, Grover Mitchell, The Formations, The Tymes, George Tindley and The Sherrys.  Rare photos included!

See Fan Reviews

The Best of Northern Soul - Vol 2

Compilation CD


Along with the artists and groups in "The Best of Northern Soul," "The Best of Northern Soul Vol. 2" also features The Electric Indian, Joe Renzetti, The Lavenders with Leon Huff, The Bobbi-Pins, Daryl Hall, The Mellow Moods, The Moods, James Bounty, The Chargers and Cupit.  Rare photos included!

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Hidden Hits - Vol 1

Compilation CD


Featuring Chubby Checker, The Hi-Tones, Len Barry, The Executive Suite, Maureen Gray, Johnny Caswell, Race Street Chinatown Band, The Alliance, The Sultans, Eddie Custis, The Mellow Moods, Carl & The Commanders, The Hearts, The Lavenders with Leon Huff, The Alliance and Cupit.  Rare photos included! See Fan Reviews

Those East Coast Girls


Featuring Cindy Scott, Maureen Gray, Ann D'Andrea, The Pixies Three, The Sherrys, The Secrets, The Sweet Three, The Mellow Moods and The Bobbi Pins.  Rare photos included!

Early Hall & Oates

Some songs never released until now!


The Philly Years
Collector's Edition 

2-cd set of Daryl Hall & John Oates' early Philly Years including songs by Gulliver.
See Fan Reviews


No iTunes Available

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The Pixies Three Meet The Secrets


The Pixies Three Meet The Secrets

contains 14 songs by two of the finest girl groups to come out of the East Coast in the early 60's. See Fan Reviews.


Len Barry Meets Johnny Caswell


This rare CD contains twelve songs,

six by the great Len Barry and six by the talented Johnny Caswell.


Chubby Checker Six Pack

Chubby Checker CD Cover.png

This historical CD contains six songs, three of which have never been released until now.


No iTunes Available

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Those Philly Instrumentals

Those Philly Instrumentals.png

Featuring The Assembled Multitude, Electric Indian, The Madara & White Orchestra, Johnny Madara, Joe Renzetti, Ninapinta, The Citations, Cupit, The Sounds of Genesis, The Alliance, Race Street Chinatown Band, The Lavenders with Leon Huff and Gulliver.  Rare photos included.

The West Coast Years


Featuring Hal Blaine, Bo Diddley, Tony Joe White, Denny Doherty, Wayne Newton, Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods, Jim Grady and The Rowan Brothers.  Rare photos included. 

The Best of Philly Soul - Volume 4


This one-of-a-kind CD features 12 songs by the sensational Johnny Caswell. 

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Denny Doherty By Himself


Lead singer of The Mamas and The Papas, featuring background vocals by Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips

Hey Good Lookin'

Motion Picture Soundtrack

Never before released until now!


From the cult classic animated film by writer, producer and director, Ralph Bakshi, featuring the music of John Madara and Ric Sandler with vocals by Ric Sandler.

See Fan Reviews

Philly Hidden Hits

Never before released until now!


Featuring “Do The Bop” and
“Sometimes (when I’m all
alone) ” with Johnny Madara 
and Danny and The Juniors. 

See Fan Review

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Leon Huff - The Sound of Philadelphia


A compilation of Leon Huff's early Philly Northern Soul productions from 1963-1969, with 6 songs co-written and/or co-produced by Kenny Gamble. Featuring The Lavenders, Bunny Sigler, Cindy Scott, The Formations, The Tymes, The Sweet Three, The Mellow Moods, The Sherrys, Johnny Caswell, Len Barry, Daryl Hall and Naomi & Harris.

See Fan Reviews

Ninapinta and His Bongos and Congas


This LP was recorded in 1966 and this is the first time it has been released on CD.  It features 12 instrumentals by Ninapinta and renowned jazz musicians Clark Terry, Ernie Royal, Artie Kaplin, Willy Rodriguez, Joe Grimm, George Devens, Gary Chester, George Duvivier and Jimmy Wisner.

Wayne Newton - Christmas in Las Vegas


This CD features 8 beloved Christmas songs and 4 new Christmas songs sung by Las Vegas entertainer and superstar, Wayne Newton.  

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Philly Doo Wop


Featuring 24 songs recorded between 1957 and 1968 by some of Philadelphia's finest artists and groups including. The Hi Tones, Anthony & The Sophomores, Danny & The Juniors, Johnny Madara, The Premiers, Billy & The Essentials, Dale & The Cashmeres, Maureen Gray, Bobby Wells, The Hearts, The Matadors, The Four Lyrics and The Sultans. Rare photos included.

See Fan Reviews 

The Formations Six Pack


The Formations was a group that came out of Philadelphia.

Philly Soul Greats


This one-of-a-kind, rare CD feature 22 songs by some of Philadelphia's finest artists and groups, including The Tymes, Bunny Sigler, Fat Larry's Band, The Bobbi-Pins plus other great Philly Artists.

Row 10

Otis Reddings's Road Band


A Tribute to Otis the Upsetters featuring Jimmy Wess

Hailing basically from Baltimore, Maryland, The Upsetters consisted of Lee Foy on Saxophone, Barry Sachs on Guitar, Harry Hoehn on Trumpet, Howard Ridgley on Bass, Danny O'Day on Drums and John F. Baseman on Organ.  The vocal spotlight is reserved for Jimmy Wess.

Philly Boys of the '60s


This one-of-a-kind CD features 24 songs by some of Philadelphia's finest male artists and groups. Rare photos included!

The Best of Philly Sound


That Philly Sound has compiled 25 of its best songs into one amazing CD. 

Row 11

Wayne Newton - The Hungry Years


Rare CD by Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. Produced by John Madara. See Fan Reviews

Gulliver with Daryl Hall


Gulliver features Daryl Hall, before teaming up with John Oates, Tom Sellers, Tim Moore and Jim Helmer.  The album was recorded in 1968 and contains 16 songs.

Northern Soul Revival


We've put together this great compilation of the best of our Northern Soul.  The artists and groups include Johnny Caswell, Bunny Sigler, Len Barry, Cindy Scott, Grover Mitchell, The Sherrys, The Sweet Three, Joey Heatherton, Alex Brown and Naomi & Harris.




an autographed


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THAT PHILLY SOUND is proud to offer our authentic '50s DINER MUG.  We think it's really cool and we know you'll like it too!


DO THE BOP CD, personally autographed by Johnny Madara, which features DO THE BOP (the original unreleased version of the classic '50s hit, AT THE HOP), and the doo-wop hit, SOMETIMES WHEN I'M ALL ALONE, sung by Philadelphia's own, JOHNNY MADARA, with DANNY AND THE JUNIORS singing back-up. 


Take a blast to the past and own a piece of THAT PHILLY SOUND!

Learn More


PRICE: $12.95, plus tax (where applicable) and $10 shipping inside the U.S. 

Add an additional $5 for International orders.


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