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Denny Doherty By Himself


DENNY DOHERTY BY HIMSELF - Featuring background vocals by Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips


Denny Doherty is best known as the lead singer of the reknowned '60s group, The Mamas and The Papas.  Following their break-up in 1968, Doherty teamed up with famed songwriter/record producer, John Madara (1974), to record the songs on this classic CD.  Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips joined Denny in the studio to record backgrounds.


Cass wrote:  "When I first heard the initial tracks I prostrated myself at his feet on Sunset Boulevard begging to be allowed to sing backgrounds.  Another fan of "The Demon," as we call him, a beautiful young girl named Michelle Phillips, also pleaded to be included.  With typical Doherty reserve, he flung us into his car and whisked us straight away to the studio, where he kept us under lock and key until we got it right.  We did.  Most important, he did."


Sadly, these recordings would be Cass Elliot's last, as she died a few months after the record was finished.


In 1982 Denny Joined with John Phillips to reconstitute The Mamas and The Papas with Mackenzie Phillips (John's daughter) and Elaine "Spanky" MacFarlane (Spanky and our Gang).  


Denny Doherty passed away on January 19, 2007, at his home in Ontario, Canada.  He was 66 years old.


This historical CD was produced by John Madara, who wrote and produced with partner, David White, such timeless classics as "At The Hop" (Danny and The Juniors), "The Fly" (Chubby Checker), "You Don't Own Me" (Leslie Gore) and "1-2-3" (Len Barry, who co-wrote the song with Madara & White).  These and countless other hits by Madara & White helped to create "The Sound Of Philadelphia."


This CD contains valuable information on the arrangers and musicians on each song and the engineers and the studio where it was recorded.


Make this historical CD a part of your collection!


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