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Best of Northern Soul Vol. 1


This CD features 20 songs by some of Philadelphia's finest artists and groups that were part of the sound in the 60's known as Northern Soul.  These artists and groups include Len Barry, Bunny Sigler, Cindy Scott, Johnny Caswell, Joey Heatherton, The Sweet Three, Grover Mitchell, The Formations, The Tymes, George Tindley and The Sherrys.


This historical CD contains valuable information, when available, on the musicians who played on each song as well as the date the song was recorded and the studio where it was recorded.  Also featured are rare photos of many of the artists and groups.


The songwriters and/or producers featured on the CD include the writing/producing team of John Madara & Dave White, Leon Huff,* Len Barry, William Jackson, William Carlucci, Jerry Akines, Victor Drayton, Tom Sellers, Jerry Butler, Otis Redding, Raymond Gilmore, Sherman Marshall, Grover Mitchell and Moore, Robinson, Rodgers & Tarpan.


*Leon Huff, who was discovered by John Madara, plays keyboards on several of the songs.  This was before he partnered with Kenny Gamble to become one of the most successful writing/producing teams in the music business.  Also playing keyboards on several of the songs is Daryl Hall, who John also discovered, before he hooked up with John Oates to become the most successful duo in the history of the music business.


This one-of-a-kind CD is presented by John Madara.  Along with partner, Dave White, he wrote and produced such timeless classics as AT THE HOP (Danny and The Juniors), THE FLY (Chubby Checker), YOU DON'T OWN ME (Leslie Gore) and 1-2-3 (Len Barry, who also co-wrote the song with Madara & White).  These and countless other hits by Madara & White helped to create "The Sound of Philadelphia."


All songs have been digitally restored and digitally mastered.


Make this historical CD a part of your oldies record collection!


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Fan Reviews


***** TOP CLASS CD 60S NORTHERN AT ITS BEST.  What a cd.  Northern Soul at its very best.  Get ur dancing shoes on ull need it if u listen to this. -

Reviewer:  Davy M - CD Baby


***** GREAT COLLECTION OF 'PHILLY SOUND' RECORDS OF THE PAST.  Great collection of Philly Sound records from the past.  Would have given this 5 stars if some of the stuff was in stereo!  But, hey can't be picky when I've been searching for this stuff forever. - Reviewer:  Timothy Maher - CD Baby

***** Great lost recordings. Great Philly hard to find tracks here from the 60's. At the Top of the Stairs by the Formations has always been a favorite but have never found it on a CD. There are other tracks that have really caught my attention that I was not familiar with. Glad I made this purchase but wish it sounded a bit more dynamic. From what I hear, I assume that some of these tracks are from original vinyl. - Reviewer:  Donald Martin - Amazon


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Northern Soul Vol 1
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