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Philly Hidden Hits Presents Do The Bop


For collectors and fans alike, DO THE BOP is the original unreleased version of the classic 50's hit, AT THE HOP, featuring Philadelphia's own, Johnny Madara, with Danny and The Juniors singing back-up.  It includes the doo-wop hit, SOMETIMES (WHEN I'M ALL ALONE), written by Dave White. 


Before becoming a successful songwriter/record producer, John "Johnny" Madara was an artist with his first record reaching the national charts, "Be My Girl."  But fate would step in when John heard a group, The Juvenaires, singing on the street corner.  The group was headed by Dave White, and John and Dave soon formed a partnership.  


At the time, John had a record contract with Capitol Records.  Dave and John wrote a song, DO THE BOP.  They went in and recorded it with the B-side, SOMETIMES (WHEN I'M ALL ALONE).  John sang the lead, and the Juvenaires sang the background.  Capitol Records didn't like it.  They didn't understand early rock and roll.


John knew Dick Clark from American Bandstand, where he had performed several times. Dick really liked the song, but suggested that the title and lyrics be changed to reflect the record hops, which were really taking off.  The Bop was a dance that was on the way out.


They followed Dick's advice.  DO THE BOP became AT THE HOP.  The lyrics were changed but the music was the same.  The Juvenaires, which had renamed themselves Danny and The Juniors, recorded the song, along with SOMETIMES (WHEN I'M ALL ALONE).  Through ABC Paramount, who had acquired the master, AT THE HOP reached the top of the charts worldwide, and remained #1 for an astounding seven weeks, the first record to reach that success.


Both songs have been digitally restored and digitally mastered.


Make this historical CD a part of your oldies record collection!


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***** Love the tunes!!! Johnny's the best!  I'm a singer/guitar player and I used to sing "Sometimes" at every gig.  The girls ALL love it!  It brings back so many memories...and, Johnny is just fantastic!  Getting "Do The Bop" along with "Sometimes" was an awesome treat!  Best of everything Johnny, and I hope things are going well for you.  Take care.  Reviewer:  Hal - CD Baby


***** Awesome.  Sometimes when I am all alone was my parents song & when she rec'd this CD, she was so thrilled - She plays it for everyone & it's great!!!  The sound is excellent - doesn't seem like it's an oldie goldie!!!  Thanks.  Reviewer: Kim Voorhis - CD Baby

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Do The Bop
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