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Those Philly Instrumentals

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This CD contains 22 songs featuring The Assembled Multitude, Electric Indian, Madara & White Orchestra, Johnny Madara, Joe Renzetti, Ninapinta, The Citations, Cupit, The Sounds of Genesis, The Alliance, Race Street Chinatown Band, The Lavenders (with Leon Huff) and Gulliver.  Cut #15, "Journey To The Moon," is from an LP that was produced by John Madara for NASA and retells the story of Apollo 11's historic voyage to the moon in 1969.  Cut #1, "Overture From Tommy," and Cut #2, "Keem-O-Sabe," reached the top 50 on the charts.  Cut #6, "A Change Is Coming," and Cut #7, "Do

Your Own Thing," have never been released until now.


This historical CD was produced by John Madara, who wrote and produced with partner, David White, such timeless classics as "At The Hop" (Danny and The Juniors), "Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay--Producer (Danny and The Juniors), "The Fly" (Chubby Checker), "You Don't Own Me" (Leslie Gore) and "1-2-3" (Len Barry, who co-wrote the song with Madara & White).  These and countless other hits by Madara & White helped to create "The Sound Of Philadelphia."


This CD contains valuable information on the arrangers and musicians on each song and the engineers and the studio where it was recorded.


Make this historical CD a part of your collection!


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