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Hey Good Lookin' Soundtrack


Due to overwhelming requests, John Madara, through That Philly Sound, brings you the original, never before released soundtrack from the Ralph Bakshi cult classic, HEY GOOD LOOKIN'.


Performed and arranged by recording artist, Ric Sandler, the songs were co-written by Ric Sandler and John Madara and produced by John Madara.


Animator, Ralph Bakshi, came to prominence with his controversial film, "Fritz The Cat," that opened in April of 1972 to rave reviews.  In 1975 Bakshi began production for HEY GOOD LOOKIN', which mixed animation and live action.  Warner Brothers decided that combining live action with animation was not believable, so Bakshi went back to the drawing table and animated the live action scenes.  HEY GOOD LOOKIN' was finally released in 1982, six years before the successful animation/live action feature film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was released.  Ralph Bakshi's other credits, include, among others, the animated features "Heavy Traffic," "American Pop." and "Cool World."


An exceptional talent, Ric Sandler has had songs recorded by Dionne Warwick, Jermaine Jackson, Anny Murray and many others.  He continues to record his own music, including a multi-textured wonder called "Rhythmunderground" and his newest CD titled "1 God 1 Planet."


Along with John Madara's co-writing and co-producing contribution to the soundtrack, he also produced Danny and The Juniors' huge hit "Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay," and co-wrote and co-produced other international hits as "At The Hop" (Danny and The Juniors), "The Fly" (Chubby Checker), "You Don't Own Me" (Leslie Gore), "1-2-3" (Len Barry, who also co-wrote the song), and many others.


All songs have been digitally restored and digitally mastered.


Make this historical CD a part of your collection!


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Fan Reviews


***** AN ANIMATED MUSICAL'S STUNNING SOUNDTRACK.  Ric Sandler's soundtrack to Hey Good Lookin' is brimming with Rock and Soul.  The songs are a mix of Old School Rock & Roll with hints of Soul & Gospel.  Although the film's story is set in 1953, it has a touch of early 80's Pop to it.  Slightly reminiscent of Jim Steinman's work with Meatloaf, the songs have a bright and upbeat quality.  Reviewer:  Rod Kinny - CD Baby


***** QUALITY MUSIC CONFORMING TO QUALITY FILM.  I love film soundtracks that truly capture the essence of the emotions and imagery of the film.  Hey Good Lookin' is near the top of my list of quality soundtracks.  It fit the film like a glove and never became overblown, never overtook the picture.  It has been too long, but as the last reviewer pointed out, it was worth the wait.  I would suggest watching the film before purchasing the album, to get the feeling for it.  When I heard the album for the first time, I could visualize every corresponding scene in the movie.  It was an intense and memorable moment.  Great Soundtrack for a Great Film!*****  Reviewer:  Brother Rabbit/Jeramy - CD Baby

***** 24 YEARS IS A LONG TIME TO WAIT.  24 years is a long time to wait for any collection of music, but in the case of Ric Sandler and John Madara's soundtrack for Ralph Bakshi's Hey Good Lookin,' the fact that it's available at all has made it worth the wait.  Having seen the film when I was seventeen and countless times since then, I was always struck with how well these songs complimented the action.  Its 50's vocal styling coupled with an early 80s musical vibe create a perfect soundtrack for this classic animated film.  If you're a fan of Ralph Bakshi's work, and you don't own this yet, get it.  You'll be glad you did! - Reviewer:  Jeff Vargon - CD Baby, Amazon


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Hey Good Looking
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