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Len Barry Meets Johnny Caswell


Len Barry was born Leonard Borisoff in Philadelphia in 1942.  By 1961, his group, The Dovells, with Len as their lead singer, had a #2 record, "Bristol Stomp."  Following that success, the Dovells recorded several other hits, including "You Can't Sit Down," which reached #3 in 1963.  Len's musical career would take off when partners John Madara and Dave White would produce and also write along with Len, the worldwide hit "123."  The 6 songs on this CD are from the original masters recorded in 1965-1966, not re-recorded sides.


Johnny Caswell was a successful Philadelphia artist.  He had one chart record, "At The Shore" that was co-written and co-produced by John Madara. He went on to form a group called The Crystal Mansion, and had another chart record, "The Thought of Loving You."


The CD is presented by songwriter/record producer, John Madara, through That Philly Sound, which is dedicated to the music that came out of Philadelphia during the 50's and 60's.  Many of the songs on the CD were co-written and co-produced by John Madara.  He also co-wrote and co-produced such timeless classics as AT THE HOP (Danny and The Juniors), THE FLY (Chubby Checker), 123 (Len Barry, who co-wrote the song), and YOU DON'T OWN ME (Lesley Gore).  These and countless other hits helped to make up "The Sound of Philadelphia."


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