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Philly Boys of the '60s


This one-of-a-kind CD features 24 songs by some of Philadelphia's finest male artists and groups.  They include Daryl Hall (before Hall & Oates), Bandstand regular Kenny Rossi, successful songwriter/artist Tim Moore, Brent Edwards, Timmy Brown of The Philadelphia Eagles, The Spokesmen featuring John Madara, Dave White and Ray Gilmore, actor and Philadelphia favorite Tony Devon, Johnny Caswell, Brian Ingland, Johnny Madara, The Second Story featuring Len Barry, John Madara, Tim Moore, Daryl Hall and Tom Sellers, Young Ideas, Dean Christy and Bocky & The Visions.


The CD is presented by songwriter/record producer John Madara, through That Philly Sound, which is dedicated to the music that came out of Philadelphia during the '50s and '60s.  Many of the songs on the CD were written and produced by John Madara and partner, Dave White, both Philadelphia Walk of Fame 2013 inductees.  They also wrote and produced such timeless classics as AT THE HOP (Danny & The Juniors), ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY (written by Dave White and produced by John Madara), THE FLY (Chubby Checker), 123 (Len Barry, who co-wrote the song with Madara & White) and YOU DON'T OWN ME (Leslie Gore, produced by the great Quincy Jones).  These and countless other hit records by Madara & White helped to make up "The Sound of Philadelphia."


"I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with these incredible artists and groups.  Not only did I have the best vocal talent to work with, but I also had great musicians, including unknowns Leon Huff, Daryl Hall, John Oates and Tim Moore, whom I discovered.  Also playing on one of the songs is the great Hal Blaine and members of The Wrecking Crew." - John Madara


Make this CD a part of your oldies record collection.  Thanks for your support!

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