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Dave Appell                Madara & White         Quincy Jones                   Thom Bell                   Dave White                  Joe Renzetti

Harry Chipetz             Billy Jackson              Joe Tarsia

Dick Clark                   Harold Lipsius            Jimmy Wisner

Linda Creed                Leroy Lovett               Sigma Sound Studios

Gamble & Huff           Bernie Lowe               The Shubert Building

Jimmy lenner             Artie Singer                Cameo Parkway Records

Roy Stragis                 Kal Mann

A Brief History

The Shubert Building/Shubert Theatre was located at 250 South Broad, where many Off-Broadway shows opened.  It contained office suites.  It was kind of like a small Brill Building in New York.  Madara & White offices were located there, along with Producer, Jerry Ross, where Linda Creed and Thom Bell wrote a lot of their hits.  Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff met in the elevator in the Shubert Building.

John's Memories

Madara & White had 6 offices in the Shubert Building.  We had two offices with a piano for writing and working on arrangements.  Dave and I had an office.  Our secretary had an office Harry Chipetz' had an office (he was our administrator) and we had a storage room.  

Many of our early records were done out of the Madara & White offices.  Leon Huff, who I discovered in a Nightclub on 60th Street, became part of our team and went on to write many great songs for us.  After Dave left, I discovered Daryl Hall & John Oates.  Daryl Hall's wife worked for me for two years. I also worked with an incredible arranger, Tom Sellers, who sadly died at an early age in a fire.  What a talent Tom was.

I have fond memories when, after lunch, myself, Bunny Sigler, Billy Paul, Len Barry and Linda Creed would gather outside of the building entrance and talk about what was going on.  A few times Thom Bell would join us. 

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