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Linda Creed                Leroy Lovett               Sigma Sound Studios

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Jimmy lenner             Artie Singer                Cameo Parkway Records

Roy Stragis                 Kal Mann

A Brief History

Leroy Lovett was one of the top ranking musicians in his native Philadelphia, where he began studying piano at the age of five.  He wrote arrangements for most of the top local dance bands in the mid-forties.  He moved to New York around 1945, where he wrote for some of the best orchestras in town.  Between 1951 and 1955, he played and recorded with bands such as Johnny Hodges, that would become one of the finest jazz combos of the early '50s.  In 1959 he recorded two albums. 

Between 1961 and 1968, he arranged for John Madara and Dave White for artists such as Maureen Gray, The Pixies Three, Billy and The Essentials and The Secrets. 

John's Memories

Leroy Lovett was a great arranger and a great guy.  He worked on some of Madara & White's early recordings.

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