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A Brief History

An aspiring musician since age 6 when he saw a guitarist at a wedding, Joe Renzetti credits an uncle who was a sculptor for inspiring him to pursue a life in the arts.  In the early '60's, he played guitar on "The Mashed Potato," "Tallahassee Lassie," and "The Bristol Stomp" by fellow Philadelphians "The Dovells."


During the 60's, Joe Renzetti began arranging and in 1974 he arranged Barry Manilow's hit record "Mandy" for Clive Davis.  In 1978 he won an oscar for Best Adaption Score for the film "The Buddy Holly Story."  From 1978 through 1997, Joe continued to arrange and compose for over 15 motion pictures.


Several years ago he transformed his 18th century log cabin in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania, into a state-of-the-art music composing studio, where he spends his time composing his own music.

John's Memories

The best of the best!  I've known Joe for over 50 years.  What a great guitar player.  What a great arranger.  I went to Europe with Joe to record an album with Wayne Newton.  We never stopped laughing the whole trip.  So many funny things that came up, and Joe, he may be the funniest person I have ever known, plus the most talented.  My friend.

Love him. 


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