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The Boy Next Door
Hey Big Boy

A Brief History

The Secrets began their musical career at Shaw High School in Cleveland.  The group originally

included members Karen Gray, Carole Raymont, Jackie Allen and a girl named Sue.  After high

school, Sue got married and was replaced by Patty Miller.  


John Madara and Dave White, who had written and produced the hits, "At The Hop," "Rock and

Roll Is Here To Stay," and "The Fly," to name a few, saw them perform and liked them right away.

They signed them to a recording contract and the girls were in the studio within two weeks.


Their first song, "The Boy Next Door," was a huge hit right away and went to number 18 on

Billboard for 10 weeks.  They began performing on stage and on TV, including Dick Clark's

American Bandstand, and spend two years touring.


With Madara/White, they had four records, a national hit, "The Boy Next Door," and a couple of

regional hits.  Their other chart record was "Hey Big Boy."  

John's Memories

When Dave and I went to see The Secrets perform, we really liked them.  They had a nice look to

them and worked well together.  Dave was really great at harmonies, so we would teach the girls

the songs and the harmonies that we wanted, and they would go home and work on what we had

taught them. 


The Secrets were fun to work with and were really nice people.  We've stayed in touch, and after

all these years, we still exchange Christmas cards.  

What Happened Next?

The girls got tired of the business and there was no burning desire to have a life in show

business.  After the records stopped selling, the group decided to disband.

In the 60s, they recorded three songs together with their "Secrets" keyboard player, Dennis



Now women, The Secrets perform together at local clubs and restaurants. 


Several years ago Jackie won the Ohio State lottery. 

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