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At The Hop
Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay

Twisting' USA

Pony Express


A Brief History

Dave White, Frank Maffei, Danny Rapp and Joe Terranova began singing together in the early

1950’s at ages 13 and 14 in Philadelphia, where they were fans of the local rhythm and blues

radio stations. The group, which was formed by Dave White, went by the name The Juvenaires.

They performed at school dances, local clubs, restaurants and street corners, which is where

John Madara discovered them.


The group, who had changed their name to Danny & the Juniors, recorded AT THE HOP in 1957,

where it reached the top of the charts worldwide. Written by John Madara and Dave White, AT

THE HOP remained #1 for an astounding seven weeks, the first record ever to reach that status.

The group immediately followed with their huge hit, ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY, written

by Dave White and produced by John Madara.  AT THE HOP has been featured in the award-

winning motion pictures "Woodstock" and "American Graffiti," and ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO

STAY appeared in the hugely successful motion picture "Grease."


John's Memories

I first met Danny & The Juniors when they were singing on the street corner outside of my

bedroom window.  They called themselves The Juvenaires.  The group sang backup, with me

as the lead, for a song that Dave White and I wrote called DO THE BOP.  I had a contract with

Capitol Records at the time and they didn't like it much.   It was in the very beginning of Rock

and Roll and they didn't really understand it.  The record was played for Dick Clark, who

suggested that the lyrics be changed to something about the record hops, which were really

big at the time, and The Bop was on the way out.   


Because Capitol had me under contract and had already turned down DO THE BOP, it was then

decided to have Dave's group sing the new song, which was renamed AT THE HOP.  Danny

Rapp sang the lead and the rest of the guys sang background, and their name was changed to

Danny & The Juniors.  A small, local label, Singular, released the record, and it started getting

local airplay around Philadelphia.   Dick Clark played AT THE HOP on his show, American

Bandstand, and ABC Paramount decided to sign them on their label.  The song went National

and was a huge hit right from the start.  


Following AT THE HOP, Dave White wrote the song ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY, which I

produced, and that song became a huge hit also.  I also co-wrote their hit, DOTTIE, and with

Dave White I co-wrote THE CONTINENTAL WALK and OOH-LA-LA-LIMBO.  These records all

made the charts. 

What Happened Next?

Danny & The Juniors went on to have much success.  The group travelled around the U.S., and

had additional chart records including PONY EXPRESS and TWISTIN' USA. Dave White

eventually left the group to write and produce hit records with John Madara, including Leslie

Gore's YOU DON'T OWN ME, Len Barry's 1-2-3 and Chubby Checker's THE FLY, to name a few.


In 1983, Danny Rapp committed suicide, but the Juniors continued working as "Danny & The

Juniors, featuring Joe Terry."


In 1992, Danny & The Juniors was inducted into the Hall of Fame and the Walk of Fame in their

hometown by the Philadelphia Music Alliance. 

In March of 2001, AT THE HOP was voted by the Recording Industry Association of America as

one of the top 100 songs of the century. The soundtrack album, “Grease,” was voted one of the

top albums of the century.  ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY is featured on that album.


In 2003, the group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.  


Along with their numerous television appearances and live performances, Danny & The Juniors

had the pleasure of performing at the New York Paramount with Alan Freed and The Apollo in

Harlem with Jocko Henderson.

Joe Terry, Frank Maffei and Frank's brother Bobby, continued to perform around the country at

conventions, theatres, clubs, casinos, fairs and festivals. Dave White passed away on

March 16, 2019.  He was 79 years old.  Joe Terry passed away on April 15, 2019.  He was 78

years old.

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