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Hey Good Lookin'
Don't Say Goodbye
I'll Come Back

A Brief History

Ric Sandler grew up in Philadelphia performing the classics before he was seven.  In his early

teens, he was writing and performing original works for his high school and a local playhouse.

By age eleven, he had his own rock band and by fifteen he and his band was backing up R&B

master Lloyd Price and opening shows for The Soul Survivors and The Rascals.  By the time he

graduated high school, Ric had an excusive publishing contract that led him to Los Angeles.

For the next 15 years, Ric wrote for various artists, including himself.  He was also a session

player and lead vocalist on studio sessions.


In the mid 70's, Ric sang, arranged and co-wrote with songwriter/record producer John Madara

the cult classic by animator Ralph Bakshi, "Hey Good Lookin'".


John's Memories

Ric is an extremely talented songwriter and singer.  I worked with Ric on the Hey Good Lookin" film with Ralph Bakshi.  Rick and I wrote all of the songs.  Ric's vocals were outstanding.

What Happened Next?

Ric toured with Tanya Tucker, playing with Chuck Berry, and working the club circuit.  In 2000

The Dixie Hummingbirds did one of Ric's songs on their Grammy nominated album, "Music In

The Air."


An exceptional talent, Ric continues to record his own music.  He recorded a CD in 2018 called

"Voice of Erin," which was released in Ireland.

Ric is now a Nashville resident.

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