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Early Philly Years:

Fall In Philadelphia
Goodnight and Good Morning
Lonely Girl

Hits:  Sara Smile, Rich Girl, She's Gone

A Brief History

Daryl Hall was born Daryl Franklin Hohl, in 1946, in Philadelphia. He sang lead with the

Temptones and recorded a single produced by Kenny Gamble in 1966.  John Oates, born in

1948, had been a former member of Philadelphia soul band The Masters.  Daryl later formed

soft-rock band, Gulliver," with Tim Moore, Tom Sellers and Jim Helmer, and the group recorded

one album for producer, John Madara.


During this period, Daryl and John began writing songs together and Madara recorded the

duo, with songs "Fall In Philadelphia," "Goodnight and Good Morning," "Waterwheel," an

 "Lonely Girl," to name a few.  These recordings eventually led to their signing with Atlantic


The duo found success with their million-selling song “Sara Smile,” their first single for RCA

Records. It was followed into the U.S. Top 10 with a re-release of “She’s Gone” and “Rich Girl,”

reaching #1 in 1977. After failing to capitalize on their success, they came back with a Hall

and Oates album, “Voices.” It featured four hit singles, including the U.S. chart-topper “Kiss On

My List.”


John's Memories

I met Daryl Hall in 1968 when writer/producer, Tom Sellers, and Harry Chipetz, who were both

working for my company at the time, brought him in for me to listen to.  I really, really liked him a

ot.  He had an exceptional voice and played great keyboards.  With Tom Sellers, Tim Moore and

Jim Helmer, we formed the group Gulliver, which had some success and was where Daryl really

honed his skills as a musician and artist.  


During this period John Oates, who was a friend of Daryl and Tim's, had been hanging around

the office.  He and Daryl started writing songs together.  They both complimented each other,

and they truly had a unique sound in the vocals.  I knew I was hearing something different.  So

we went into the studio, recorded many sides and made numerous trips to New York looking for

a record deal.  These sides eventually led them to sign with Atlantic Records.  A few of the sides, including "Fall In Philadelphia," "Goodnight and Good Morning," and "Waterwheel," were

re-recorded for their first album with Atlantic, "Whole Oats."   Following their record deal with

Atlantic Records, Daryl and John continued to find success and remain today the biggest selling duo in the history of the music business.  


Daryl Hall is one of the greatest singers I have known and worked with, and it is with John Oates' great voice and blend with Daryl that makes their sound so unique.  I am very proud to have spearheaded their incredible career.

What Happened Next?

After 3 years apart, Hall & Oates reunited in 1988 with a top 5 hit “Everything Your Heart Desires.”

In 1990 they released the album "Change of Season" which was their second for Arista Records.

It included the minor hit "So Close," co-written and co-produced by Jon Bon Jovi.  In 1997 Daryl

and John released "Marigold Sky" on their own label.  The duo would not record and release new

material until 2002's critically acclaimed “Do It For Love," whose title song went to number 1 and

remained there for 4 consecutive weeks.  


Hall & Oates continue to perform live with sold-out crowds.  When Oates is not touring, he

focuses much of his creative energy into his solo work.  He's released four albums on his own

over the past 12 years, and he supports them with tours at small venues.  Along with touring,

Hall has a TV show called "Daryl's House," where he invites his favorite musicians to his home in

upstate New York for an afternoon of music and great food. 

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