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What's The Matter Baby
You Don't Love Me Anymore
At The Shore

A Brief History

Johnny Caswell was a successful Philadelphia Artist. He had one chart record, AT THE SHORE,

thatwas written and produced by Madara/White. He went on to form a group called The Crystal Mansion, and had another chart record, "The Thought of Loving You," written by Dave White.

 John's Memories

 Johnny was a very exciting artist to watch. Very exciting in the studio. With him Dave and I

produced eleven sides.

What Happened Next?

Johnny Caswell, along with partner, Jan Parent, formed a company in 1992 called

CenterStaging. The company specializes in providing musical instruments, rehearsal space,

and technical support to the film and TV industries. They currently maintain facilities in

Burbank, CA and the Philadelphia, PA suburb of Bensalem Township.

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