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THAT PHILLY SOUND is dedicated to the music that came out of Philadelphia during the 50’s and 60’s. The website is presented by JOHN MADARA, whose immense contribution to this unique sound is well chronicled in the songs he wrote and produced himself and with partner, Dave White, during that highly creative period in rock and roll history -- such timeless classics as "At The Hop," "Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay," "The Fly,""You Don't Own Me" and "1-2-3."  These and countless other hit records by John Madara and Madara & White helped to make up "The Sound of Philadelphia."  In October of 2013, Madara & White were inducted into the Walk of Fame by the Philadelphia Music Alliance.


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THAT PHILLY SOUND chronicles the history of the artists that John Madara worked with, as he shares his personal thoughts and memories of them with you.  Also offered on this site is the opportunity to sample classic songs and rare recordings of these unique artists, some never before heard until now.


In the beginning, there were no rules. Just a sound. And for those who heard that sound, the possibilities were endless. This was the beginning of an era. No one knew that this extraordinary sound would serve as a voice to millions of kids everywhere. It would define who they were and where they were going. It was the beginning of an era when kids would find their purpose and expose themselves to thoughts and actions that were unpopular with the generation that preceded them.


There were many that said Rock 'n Roll was a fad and would never amount to anything. Danny and The Juniors said it best with their hit song, “Rock and Roll is Here to Stay…It Will Never Die.” It was a profound statement and a true looking glass into the future of music. It is with this in mind that John dedicates this site to THAT PHILLY SOUND, a sound that helped define Rock 'n Roll.


This site will be updated on a regular basis. We welcome your comments.



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